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Manscaping Tips For Bear Hairy Furry Fuzzy Men

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I think I crossed a fine line. As a Gay Bear man, there’s certain things I should hold sacred. Such as the furry, fuzzy parts of other men. To simply appreciate them as is: Bristly, Wooly, Scruffy, Fuzzy, Furry, Gnarly, Stubbly bits – in total. I mean after all – it is the hair that makes the Bear.

And I love it I do, those big burly beefy hairy thick stocky bearded bristly men. But we all need to own hair-clippers and razors and shavers and scissors to clip and trim and otherwise TRY to control the uncontrollable growth of hair all over our bodies. And Bear Hairy Men need some of The Best Manscaping Tools to do that.

Please men: as this Manscaped trend continues – and it is HOT, HAIRY and IN THE NEWS – resist the pressure to over-trim, over-clip, over-nip. Most of that body hair is wanted, not un-wanted body  and pubic hair. So it’s best to leave most of it be. But for edging the hedge, de-bristling the balls, trimming the tool — shop for quality manscaper clippers, razors and fur trimming tools that can survive your thick, bristly pelt that will last for years to come. Philips-Norelco, Gillette, Oster, Wahl and other fine hair-care companies are waking up to the deeper, further down manscape needs of a Bear Hairy man – and I’m not just talkin’ from the neck on up. See these pictures of  hairy bear men to see what the personal grooming companies are going after.

Written by beefpiebear

June 4, 2009 at 6:31 pm

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