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Modern Day Tribes Of Gay Men

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tribal-bearsI’ve long been enamored with the ancient and general notion of TRIBES – something that our homogenized, melting-pot, and modern American culture seemed hellbent on eradicating. But tribes are important, particularly as it applies to the LGBT and Gay community. We’ve long been a tribe of sexual renegades and deviants that’s finally (for good and bad) weaving into Mainstream culture and that’s good for monetary, social and political equality.

On other levels though, we’re losing our ‘difference’ in some ways. Tribes seem important to remind us of our uniqueness – and provide a narrower bit of common ground for individuals and interests even within our own subculture. Within the Gay men’s community, we saw a trend to revert and segment off back into tribal groups whether it was Leather Men, the Cowboy Dancing and Rodeo men, or ‘The Bears’ in general. Within that, there’s a sub-sub-culture: The Muscled Tribal Group of which I am so fond.

As such, I’ve been staking out various social and fitness tribe sites around the net – highly aligned with specific interests. The more sporting of which include topics such as the Bodybuilding, Muscle Bear Worship, Gay Wrestling, and MMA – Martial Arts Tribes to name a few. They’re specialized athletic endeavors and neo-tribal groups that a fit, Gay Bear man might want to be part of. For some it’s just about Fetish – Fantasy gear for play. Other’s enjoy engaging in these physically challenging and contact sports for health and recreational reasons. There’s a tribe for each.

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June 8, 2013 at 12:52 am

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