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Hot Gay Bear In The Locker Room

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Look – the other day at the gym I said to myself: “Look, I’m dressed and ready to leave – And he’s naked. The timing isn’t good.” I said to myself: “Look, he’s probably already got another Creepy Boyfriend. He doesn’t need me.” I said to myself “Look, he’s already soaped up in the shower, he’s probably already skinned it back, sudsed up his knob – and it probably doesn’t smell nearly as good as it does just immediately after his hot, sweaty workout, so what’s the point?”

I said to myself: “And besides, I’m flying back to my Wisconsin cabin in 48 hours. I’d hate to have him totally fall for me and then have to leave him for the entire summer. It wouldn’t be fair to him to get him all worked-up, stiff, and dripping – and slobber all over his goatee and tug on his nipples – and then just leave the state for the season.”

I thought I’d just spare you all that unnecessary animal magnetism and unbridled hungry desire and drooling and laughing and playfulneess. I had to pack – and a plane to catch – and so we can just put all on hold unti next fall, Okay? :@)

Written by beefpiebear

April 13, 2010 at 8:01 am

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