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Tiptoeing Amongst The Beauty Bears : In The Castro

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It took 30 years to get here. 54 actually, if you count the incubation and preparation time. But I finally made it to San Francisco, long after the Gold Rush, the ‘Free Love’ Hippy Era, and some sort of Gay Liberation Movement that decidedly happened here.

And so I’ve plunked myself in The Castro for a month and thensome. Really didn’t want to be a hit and run ‘tourist’ – but to stay long enough to get a real sense of my community and the neighborhood that exists in 2012. After the marches, after the sleaze, after the Mainstreaming and Gentrification.

My god, the men here, the Bears my god the Bears who can Break-Your-Heart just by lookin’ at ’em are everywhere. Most are younger than me, with far fewer grey whiskers – and I try not to get caught up in this land of The Beauty Bears : Alpha Males and B-List Bears vying for their attention.. Some are friendly, some untouchable – which they make so very clear…

Oh but still, I love the vibe – Gay and Fabulous – and Free Free Free as we were meant to be! And now I have to wonder what took me so long to get here. But I guess life has a way of putting you where you belong, when you belong there..

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May 17, 2012 at 5:26 am

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